And its implications for modern marketing and media.

June 2022

I don't dislike sport. I really don't. What I dislike is all the standing on the sidelines and mindlessly cheering.
I don't know the answer to this question. But it does not seem unreasonable that we might sometimes want to sabotage questionnaires if we believe that…

May 2022

What aggregates > what doesn'tWatch now (10 min) | There is an inherent bias in decision-making which renders one big thing more important than lots of small things. The solution is…

March 2022

Thursdays' articleWatch now (2 min) | A video preview.
It takes time to master, but it's worth it.
Two Book recommendationsWatch now (11 min) | From Bryan Appleyard and Roger L Martin
These are the supposed words of the wife of the Bishop of Winchester, spoken in 1860 on first hearing of Darwin’s theory that we are descended from…

September 2021

This is The Alchemist from Rory Sutherland, a newsletter about What I can't fit on Twitter - or am too afraid to put on Twitter..